Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Quarter of Associates Program!

This week is week 5 of my fall quarter at school. We just recieved our new schedules for next quarter, which will be my last quarter of my associates program. I am very excited. Following that I plan to start my bachlor's program. My new classes include 1) Internship and Professional Seminar, 2) Personal Finance, and 3) Managing Information.

I am very excited about finishing my programs. Each of my classes will be exciting next quarter. I will complete a 90 hour internship, learn to make wise and educated financial decison in my personal life, and learn the in's and out's of managing information in the work place. I am looking forward to these and once they start and are underway I will let you know how they are going. I am excited to say that I will be graduating March 28, 2011!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Text

Here is another reason why I love my husband soo much!! This is an actual text that he just sent me and I couldn't wait to share!!!

           "U are so beautiful to me. And i open my eyes......And see your sweet face i know that its gonna be a beautiful day"

Man, it was tough trying to type with such bad punctation and grammer, but you get the message!! I love him so much!

17 weeks old

Bentley is now 17 weeks old we have had her in our home for about 9 weeks. In those 9 weeks she had touched oru hearts and has brought Chris and I much company and enjoyment. We could not imagine life without her now!! Here are a few pictures reflecting how much she has grown in just a few weeks!!

Thanks for stopping in!! We will keep you posted on how Bentley is doing....  :)


Last week Chris and I bought a PetSafe Wireless Fence for Bentley. If any of you have ever heard of Ivan Pavlov, the wireless fence follows his theory.

Ivan Pavlov was a psychologist during the late 1800's and early 1900's. He did a study on how dogs would hear a bell see the food and begin to salavate. Over time he could just ring the bell and the dog would begin to salavate immedatly without seeing the food because he (beign the dog) expected it.

The PetSafe wireless fence follows the same idea. You plug up the tower in your house and it puts out a signal to the collar, which is on the dog, and it beeps once and the farther out of range the collar gets it beeps faster until it is out of reach then the collar sends out a stimulating shock which startles the dog and causes them to retun back to their "safe zone."

This system has been a great thing for Chris and myself and Bentley. Bentley has responded so well to system I would totally recommend it. The first tower that we got had some kind of error in the unit. I called the company and explained what was going on and they were so helpful and kind. They sent us a new unit and we have had no problems since.

Bentley has probably only been shocked about 3 to maybe 4 times since we put the new collar on her. She knows where her boundries are now, and it's a great feeling. We live on a busy road and our dogs saftey is very important to us!! We love her so much!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bar-B-Q on the River 2010

What is that delectable smell floating through the air????? It is none other than the fabulous smell of a down-home Bar-B-Q cook-off. Held at the foot of Broadway her in Paducah, Kentucky! When this time of year comes everyone gets their tennis shoes out, because they know they are going to be walking for a long time and eating more than they can hold!

Every year shortly following Chris' birthday, Bar-B-Q on the River comes to town! This is a gathering of people from all over Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois. There are probably vendors from other places farther than that, but for the most part it's a big party of neighboring counties!

Below are some pictures of the stands that people set up. We got there early before it got crowded. Shortly after taking these pictures the streets were flooded with hungry people, shoulder to shoulder, scouting out which stand to eat at!

Checking out what kind of fish are in our river!

We had Bently a name tag made!

This little boat drove around had a "Surprise" and spit water on you!
He was there with the U.S. Coast Guard telling people to be safe on the water and wear a life vest!
(sorry the picture is turned)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed the festivities!

New to blogging!


I am new to blogging. I thought that this would be a good way to hopefully keep up with friends and family! I am a full time student spending 16 hours a week in school during the evening, while also working 36 hours during the daytime for an attorney. My schedule is extremly full between working, school, our new puppy Bentley, and my husband Chris. I hope to keep you updated on things that we are doing and taking part in as much as I can. While in the process of setting up my blog Chris and I went to a yearly event called Bar-B-Q on the river. I will show pictures and share details of that in my next post! Enjoy and I hope you check in often!!

Thank You!