Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Sunday, August 31, 2014

We're done.

Finally, my husband has reached a feeling of completeness. We have just finished canning our 4th and final batch of homemade salsa. This time he amped up the flavor with habanero peppers and extra of the others he used. 

We made a pretty good team. I washed and chopped tomatoes while he chopped everything else. I don't do onions or peppers! 

So glad it's over! 
 I know he will enjoy them in the months to come. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hunting season 2014

To all wives who have a hunter for a husband... You will sympathize wit me. Bow hunting season opens in September in western Kentucky. That means alllll the prep work comes in August. So it's nonstop talk about hanging stands, scouting, looking at camera cards, and lots of time away from home. 

Chris has been so busy with our first rental property we purchased and his job, he hasn't had much time to get away. Today, he got to spend a little bit of time in the field. 

Happy hunting! 

Only 20-25 ft in the air. No big deal!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New school

My little Avery started a new toddler class 2 weeks ago now. 
New class.
New building.
New teacher.
Friends she already knew!!! 

Some of her friends moved before her, but since she is so far ahead of other kids her age, 
They asked if I was ready to move her.... My response, uh, yeah! 
I want Avery to have a challenge, she was ready for it! 

I am so glad I moved her! She loves the other kids, the toys, and especially,
Recess!! 2x a day! Outside! 
(That's better than candy to her!)

Here are some pictures of her when she met her new teacher.

Her day starts by checking under her bed for any misplaced buttons(pacifier).

Trying out her new chair. 

Reading with her friend Max. 

Gosh, those eyes... Stops me still every time! 

Finally, meeting her new teacher, Ms. Shirley! 


Chris has been on a crazy waffle kick.... 

No, not Ego waffles.....

Home made....everyday!

Find the link here for an easy go to recipe!