Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bar-B-Q on the River 2010

What is that delectable smell floating through the air????? It is none other than the fabulous smell of a down-home Bar-B-Q cook-off. Held at the foot of Broadway her in Paducah, Kentucky! When this time of year comes everyone gets their tennis shoes out, because they know they are going to be walking for a long time and eating more than they can hold!

Every year shortly following Chris' birthday, Bar-B-Q on the River comes to town! This is a gathering of people from all over Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois. There are probably vendors from other places farther than that, but for the most part it's a big party of neighboring counties!

Below are some pictures of the stands that people set up. We got there early before it got crowded. Shortly after taking these pictures the streets were flooded with hungry people, shoulder to shoulder, scouting out which stand to eat at!

Checking out what kind of fish are in our river!

We had Bently a name tag made!

This little boat drove around had a "Surprise" and spit water on you!
He was there with the U.S. Coast Guard telling people to be safe on the water and wear a life vest!
(sorry the picture is turned)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed the festivities!

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