Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with the Boatwrights!! (My family)

On Christmas day every year, Chris and I wake up SUPER early!! We have our own little Christmas and exchange gifts followed by being at his mom's house by 7:30 (This year we set an exact time of 7:16, hehe Kelly) and then rush home to get ready and be at my Aunt Coco and Uncle Mike's by 9:30 for brunch, then are back across town by 12:00 to have lunch at, usually Phyllis' house (Kelly's mom), But this year at Chris' Uncle Phillip's house. Followed by a full day of food, family, and games. I did not bring my camera out at Phillips or Phyllis' this year for some strange reason so I will have to make sure and get pictures from other family memebers.I was too busy enjoying everyone that I just wasn't thinking. Here are a few pictures from my family gathering!!
Chef Uncle Mike

Aunt Pat and Leila

My Honey and Leila

Aunt Coco, Uncle Mike, and Me

My Love and Me

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

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