Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homework, Homework, Homework......

As many of you know it is very hard to work and attend school. This is my first sememster ever to take on 18 credit hours (which is all that is allowed for any student). I am having to double up on classes to be able to get in to the Special Education program at Murray State University this fall. This is the first week of class and I already feel the pressure. I can totally sympathize with the kid below!! I am taking 4 online classes, a night class, and one afternoon class two afternnons a week. I am thankful that my boss if flexiable and lets me go when I need to.

Class Schedule:
* Basic Public Speaking - Monday Night
* Teaching in the Middle School Grades - Tuesday/Thrusday afternoon
* Intro to American Education - Online
* Human Development and Learning - Online
* Contemporary College Math - Online
* Human Relations - Online

This is me every day during homework: :o)

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