Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Very Derby Birthday

Saturday May 7, 2011 was my 22nd birthday! To celebrate, we got together with some of Chris family and had a Derby Party. The girls wore hats they either made or bought. Here are some pictures of how I celebrated.

The food and Mary Karen

Our Wonderful Hostess, Phyllis

Family Visiting and Talking Before the Race

Me and My Beautiful Grandmother!

All of the Ladies with Our Hats On!!

Kayla and I

The Birthday Girl

Opening Gifts

Me with Mary Karen, The Winner
We all put in one or two dollars and drew either one or two names (of the horses) and that was your horse to cheer for during the race. The person who drew the name of the winning horse won the pot.

Kayla and I with our Mint Juleps

Me and My Handsome Husband

One of my birthday gifts!
Chris bought the braclet and the clips one the left and right sides and the purple bead on the left. Phyllis bought me the stack of books charm that says study and Kelly Bought me the purple charm on the right.
Some other gifts were lotions and perfume, wine,and money.

A Beautiful Birthday Wish from Texas!

Kirchoffs even took part is Derby Festivites........That was one good cookie!

I had a wonderful birthday and was very blessed with gifts! Thanks to all who took part!

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