Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Announcement

Hello All,

I know it has been several months since I have last blogged. I appologize. Things have been hectic and I have not gotten around to it! On to another note...... Chris and I have a big announcement.....


I am 13 weeks along and my due date is March 13, 2013 or more easily remembered as 3-13-13!

We could not be more excited to welcome this blessing into our lives. We have many projects going on at home trying to prepare for this little bundle of joy.

This picture makes my tummy look larger than it appears to me. Maybe it's because it's late at night OR maybe it's becuase I am in denial..... either way..... there's a belly shot!
PS Don't mind my mess in the background.... That is where I have to dry my hair in the morning right now and also where the nursery is under going some major changes!
Right now my cravings are ANYTHING sweet....mmmm.....
I can not eat meats at dinner time, therefore having a lack of protien.
I can not drink milk in the morning.
I am practically living off of macaroni and cheese and anything sweet.
I am not a fan of prenatal vitimans but I am sucking it up like a big girl.
I love strawberry banana smoothies.
I had lost a total of 14.5 pounds and have gained back some of it.
I am still down 8 pounds, so the doctor orded me to eat whatever I wanted, good or bad, until things started looking up and then I would have to focus on being more healthy.
I have decided that our child is going to be completely spoiled rotten.
Our families have already begun to send gifts to the little peanut or should I say "medium shirmp" (I'll get to that in a minute). We have been so blessed.
Thank you!
According to my daily pregnancy app on my iPhone, our baby has fingerprints on thier tiny fingertips. Veins and organs are clearly visible through his or her still-thin skin. His or her body is starting to catch up with it's over sized head, which now makes up about 1/3 of his or her body. Our baby is almost 3 inches long (about the size of a medium shirmp) and weighs nearly 1 ounce.
I will update again soon!
Thanks for stopping by!

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