Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Favorites

This year I have some new traditions to start! Having little Avery in March has made things so much more exciting! For example... going to the pumpkin patch, dressing for Halloween, playing with leaves..... I now have another special person to share some of my Fall Favorites, I can't wait!

My list of things to do this fall:

* Visit Beggs Family Farm in Sikeston, MO. It will be a full day of fun followed by dinner at Lamberts Café.

* Pick pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.

* Take fall photos of my baby
* Play in the leaves!

* Dress her up as the sweetest little rabbit for Halloween. I will be dressed as a 60's Hippie


I will also be baking pumpkin flavored treats!

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