Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bentley's New Water Vest

As many of you know, my husband, Chris, is an avid hunter. He loves being outdoors. A little over a year ago we decided to get a puppy. I was a little hesitant at first because I was so busy with school and work, I didn't see how I could give a dog the amount of love and attention it needed. Somehow God sends big things in small packages.

I feel in love with Bentley as soon as I held her. Now, I wouldn't know what I would do if I had to be with out her. She greets me every morning and afternoon when I get home with as much love and affecection as she did the day before. She is a full spirited dog with a lot of love to give. Now I fully understand the meaning of "Man's Best Friend." Don't get me wrong, she is nowhere near perfect. She occasionally chews up things that are not hers and occasionally chews up things I didn't know she was capable of chewing up. For the most part she only chews things that are hers.... toys, bones, treats, bumpers....etc. I will have to brag... most labs are known for chewing up shoes.... She has never touched one!!!! :) :) :)

With all of this love that we have for this sometimes, not so perfect dog, we bought her a water vest. This vest is to help keep her afloat and prevent hypothermia in the cold months of duck hunting. We have to double check everytime that we get it out, that it gets put back up so that Bentley donesn't get ahold of it.... She knows that it belongs to her and like most things that belong to her, those items are allowed to be chewed on.

Usually, dogs have a hard time adapting to wearing a water vest.... it is slightly heavier than just ordinary clothes and also something completely new to them. Bentley had no problems adapting to the new vest. It actually seem like she even liked having it on.... She didn't like it when we took it off. Here are some pictures from the test run!

Bentley waiting as patiently as possible to get in the water!

Her splash down!

The vest helped improve her speed tramendously!

Waiting for commands to retrieve.

And....She's back!

We have one styling puppy!!

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