Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chris' New Love

Recentely, Chris bought a smoker.... He text his dad and asked him for some advise and main pointers on how to use it properly..... Brent mailed Chris a copy of the book he used to get started! This has been the most I have seen Chris read in a long time..... well, probably since high school :) He has been obsessed with it. We have only had it about a week and he has cooked 3 dinners on it so far, dispite the storms. He has done a wonderful job and already provided us with some wonderful meals!! Chris has done a good job not drying out the food that he has been cooking. We have had steaks, boneless/skinless chicken breast, and boned chicken.
Food on the smoker!!

My wonderful dinner last night! We actually ate on the patio since the rain had subsided for a few minutes.

The book he learned from.
Thank you Brent!! When we come to visit this summer you and Chris and have a hayday "smoking"!!!

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  1. Those boys will have so much fun 'smoking' this summer!