Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Top 5 Ways To Appreciate Your Life More

  1. Things can always get better – You may be having a rough time in your life right now, but you need to sit down and think about the fact that you’ve had many other amazing times in your life. Whether you’re poor, unhealthy, just lost a job, or lost your spirituality and connection with God, things can always get better. The goal of this website is just that – improving your life to the point where it’s your dream life. No matter where your life stands – there is always a way to make it much better.
  2. Get a pet – In my opinion, pets are one of the best forms of healing therapy available. Have you ever noticed that when you’re upset or sick, your pet seems to notice and acts more loving towards you? Having a pet can get you through some very rough times because no matter what, they’re always there for you. Dogs are called “a mans best friend” for a reason. Having a pet is like having a permanent emotional support system on call. By having a pet you can appreciate the fact that you have support no matter what you did or what happened to you.
  3. Watch or play with a baby – When you look at a baby, especially one that’s laughing or smiling, you can’t help but feel happy. There’s something about the innocence of a baby that sends a vibrant positive energy throughout the entire room. If you learn a little about the process of having a baby, you will be amazed at what a miracle it is to have a baby, and yet it’s done so frequently.
  4. Look at the stars – If you really feel that you don’t appreciate your life and need to get a deeper understanding of it, just go into the country somewhere and gaze at the stars. When you look up and see the thousands of twinkling stars, you begin to ponder philosophical questions about your life, how amazing it is that the stars can be billions and trillions of light years away and yet you can see them, and what kind of magnificent energy it takes to create something like the universe we live in. Make it a priority to get into the country and do some star gazing every once in awhile. If you’re lucky like me and live in the country already, do it every time you’re outside at night. It will put you in a blissful state.
  5. Watch a bug – If all else fails, just watch a bug for a minute or 2. Yes that’s right, I want you to go outside and watch a bug for a minute. This may sound ridiculously strange, but think about it. If you need to do this you’re probably in a state where you don’t fully appreciate the life you have. Well, would you like to be the tiny little bug you’re staring at? They don’t experience the joy you can experience, they don’t experience a sense of accomplishment, love, well-being, or the ability to directly enhance their lives. They live for one thing – to make children. Even if that doesn’t show you how great of a life you have, you’ll probably start laughing when you realize that you’re staring at a bug in the ground.
In the next few days, make sure you spend a few minutes out of your day to realize how great your life really is

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