Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tornado Watch

Our local news channels have done a wonderful job keeping our community informed of tornados headed our way. Of course, Chris and I are the crazy people the news crews hate. They are telling eveyone to get in a safe place and hide in an interior room or hallway. We are the ones that are sitting on the patio watching the storm roll in and the winds pick up! Here are a couple of pictures from the storm the other night.

Here is how it started... You notice the sun on the left side of the photo.

This is what we saw next.

This is when we decided to go inside.
As soon as we walked in and shut the door, the rain came pooring down. We had wind gust up to 80-90 miles an hour. It knocked over our new smoker and trashcan... for the most part there wasn't much damage. We continued to watch the storm from inside. If it had gotten any worse, we would have moved to the hallway.
Thankfully, God was watching over us and we came out safe and sound!

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