Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Girl!

Me and Chelsea..........
This is my best friend....... For those of you who do not know her... She is an amazing person......She has a heart of gold!!! This picture captures the very essence of our relationship....We can be sitting next to each other or miles away on the telephone... Not saying a word, but knowing what the other is thinking. We had enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with our other friends and spouses beforing going down to see the river Saturday morning before the flooding got worse.
Sometimes it's just knowing that the other person is there. Chels, I just want you to know you are a very important person to me and thought you should know!! I also wanted my followers to know that we have a very simple yet very extraordanary relationship!! I hope you are being safe through the flood!!

PS.....I LOVE this photo!! Good job Larry!

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