Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Snow Day!

This week has been WILD!!!! Western Kentucky has recieved an unusal amount of snow this year and record breaking tempuratures!! This morning it was -4!!!!!!! Yeah, that's what I said. On Monday this week we recieved 9 inches of snow. It never broke 29 degrees. Tuesday we did not get any snow but it never warmed up enough to melt the snow away. The road melted off, only to freeze overnight and become a solid sheet of ice. Wednesday we recieved another 4 inches of snow....on top of Monday's snow and Tuesday's Ice....Today I took a couple of pictures of the aftermath!! Enjoy.

This was Lone Oak Road, yesterday afternoon.

My neighborhood this morning, on my way to work.

Another shot from my neighborhood.

Jack Frost came to visit!

This is what the "good" roads looked like!

This is what people want the snow to do! I don't mind it.

This has become my best friend lately!!!

Our record breaking temperature.

Thankfully today the sun is out and shinning bright!!

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