Cruise Kiss

Cruise Kiss

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Dish With No Name

Last night I was flipping through a new food magazine and I took the three main ingredents and added my own touch and made a great dish last night Chris and I realy liked. I thought I would try it.
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Organo, parsley, and minced garlic to taste.

We topped our bowls with shreaded montery jack cheese.

I boiled the noodles in one pan until tender. While that was boiling you can either grill or cook the sausages in a pan (chose to cook them in a pan do to cold snowy weather), I added a small amount of olive oil to keep it from sticking. Once the sausages were done I cut them into 1/2-inch bites and put them back in the pan to cook a little bit longer. I added the sauce and herbs and let it cook and get hot. Then I drained the noodles and combined them to the mix, I cooked a little longer to get everything heated through and through.  This is super easy and so YUMMY!! I told Chris that next time I would try to use a medium heated sausage since he likes spicy things.


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